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(, ) His group has an alliance with the Caborca cartel. On June 4 2021, he was gunned down in Guasave city, Sinaloa as he arrived at a medical center. They also mention that the main objective of Caro Quintero has been to dispute the territory of Sonora with the faction of Los Chapitos and Los Salazar, led by the sons of Guzmn. Guess it was worth a shot. Over time during the rise of El Chapo, Los Paez formed alliances with Sinaloa Cartel groups/cells like Los Paleteros and Los Saboris who were affiliated with the clan of Los Salazar, a family that ran the state of Sonora for El Chapo. How Empalme is divided between El Pitayo and El Oliver is unclear at this time. After Octavios murder in 2004, the control of Los Paez fell under Ignacio Paez Soto, alias "El Nachillo" and/or "C1." Video: Elementos de La Guardia Nacional son captados echndose un "Perico" en horas de trabajo. He was executed by a hitman while he was in the parking lot of his restaurant in Obregon city on July 25 2020. 5:59 que te valga verga gey, Find the sign maker and make him or her sing LoL. Ahora se filtr un fuerte video en el que un grupo armado quema vivo a un hombre. Tecate, Juarez, Reynosa, Culiacan, Durango, Torreon, Fresnillio, Zacatecas, Iraputao, Uripan, Colima, Arcelia, Aguililla, Lazo Cardenas, Chilpancigo, Guererro, Auyoocan, Bectumal, etc., all common ground and areas of neglect. (, ) In addition, in April 2021, El Tiko was named in a, that accompanied five dead bodies found on the side of the road in Caborca, Sonora. Golpe al Crtel de Caborca: vinculan a proceso a Carlos "N", sobrino de Rafael Caro Quintero. El alcalde reconoci que la polica fue superada e incapaces de responder oportunamente. (Source). (, El Gigio works closely with Leonardo Lopez, alias El 20. Jesus Dario Murreta Navarro "Cara de Cochi" Armed Wing: La Barredora 24/7 (24/7 Sweepers) ~~~ La Linea (Juarez Cartel) (NCDJ): Juan Pablo Ledezma "El JL" (?) Some social media users have also accused him of extortion operations in these areas, in addition to being in charge of the regional drug sales. Los Paleteros were the strongest group in the region and shared operations with Ignacio. One of the most important factions or subgroups under the Caborca cartel is Los Paez, a criminal clan based primarily in Caborca. The victim was a suspected cartel member who worked for Jess Humberto Limn alias "El Chubeto" in Altar municipality. Never fails. Caborca municipality in specific has a growing mining industry that cartels in the area are fighting to control. Some of you guys think you're smart. Looks like los beltran have a SNITCH el cadete. 2:05. aparca.info. (, ) Captured La Plaza operative Jacobo Prez Flores detailed on video that he reported to El Pitayo in March 2021. lots of top guys who pay piso may be considered "leaders" in their own right, especially if they had a network of people under them moving merchandise. El Crtel de Caborca es una organizacin criminal comandado por el veterano criminal Rafael Caro Quintero, (fundador del extinto Cartel de Guadalajara) y concentrando sus operaciones de trasiego de droga en el municipio fronterizo de Caborca. HEARST & MX,You guys collaborated and nailed it! These people are true POS and need to be exterminated. Una vez libre, el llamado "narco de narcos", fund una organizacin criminal a la que denomin "Crtel de Caborca", precisamente porque sus operaciones abarcan esa zona fronteriza del estado de Sonora, y con el que hace frente al grupo criminal denominado "Los Salazar", brazo armado del Crtel de Sinaloa en aquella regin. BLING88 Situs Slot Gacor Hari Ini dengan Link Slot88 dan Pragmatic Play Terbaru. Caro Quintero was famously indicted for his involvement in the kidnapping and murder of US DEA agent Enrique Kiki Camarena and two American tourist in 1985, for the homicides committed in 1984 and 1985. Constantes estruendos de rfagas de armas de fuego de grueso calibre y reportes de caravanas de vehculos con hombres armados, hicieron que los habitantes de esa regin del desierto, vivieran una noche de terror. Translate Tweet. Look forward to the rest. (Source, Source, Source), POSITION: Plaza Boss of the Port of Guaymas, NAME: [First Name Unknown] Quintero Navidad, PROFILE: He is the cousin of Juan Pablo Navidad and Rafael Caro Quintero. En Santa Ana y Caborca Sonora. It is worth noting that many news publications tie La Plaza to the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation (CJNG), referring to them as a CJNG group. (, PROFILE: One of the Meraz Brothers He was the Plaza Boss of San Jose Bacum. Skipped town went to mex, did his thing to get where he is now (give him credit for getting to where he is now) but he's no one. (Photo via Twitter @niporwifi) MEXICO CITY More than a dozen vehicles filled with cartel gunmen . El Gigio works closely with Leonardo Lopez, alias El 20. Reports say that El Gigio and El 20 have several drug plantations in the area. It is worth noting that many news publications tie La Plaza to the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation (CJNG), referring to them as a CJNG group. We the citizens of Magdalena, Santa Ana, Caborca, and Nogales are tired of the violence that doesnt stop within the municipalities. Esto est pasando en Sonora. The administration of US President Barack Obama released a statement saying they were deeply concerned by Caro Quinteros release. (, PROFILE: He allegedly is in charge of southern Obregon city, directly reporting to Chapo Alfredo. He allegedly coordinates drug dealing activities in several areas such as: Libertad, Posadas del Sol, Las Fuentes, Prados del Tepeyac, Las Brisas, and Benito Jurez. Haha "Speedy is bigger than RAMON ARELLANO FELIX ever was" haahahaha damn . (, ) Some social media users have connected El Chapo Peln to the recent June 2021 execution of Jesus Huerta Miranda in Morelos la Cruver and the June 2021 immolation of 3 day laborers Campo Santa Ins. Mexicos Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam said in a statement that he was worried about the courts decision. "[6] It was until January 2021 when federal intelligence sources confirmed that Caro Quintero runs the cartel. OTHER ALIASES: El Charral, El Grenas, Narco de Narcos. In July 2020, a four-day shootout broke out in Ures near El Negros home. PROFILE: He is the son of Emilio Quintero Payan and the brother of Juan Pablo Quintero Navidad. Have his pals at the DEA ask Felix Rodrguezhe may know 7:23 today's DEA may be a Corrupt Racqueteer Influenced Organization bossed around by the CIA, but they have never been "pals" with felix ismael Rodriguez mendigutia, cuban refugee, CIA asset, contra nicaragense, drug trafficker and a soldier in more than a thousand operations, partner of his honduran boyfriend juan ramon Mata ballesteros and german rat line escapee in Bolivia Klaus Barbie who ordered the kidnapping torture and murder of Kiki Camarena, one REAL DEA AGENT like Sandy Gonzales, Hector Berrellez, Phil Jordan, Cele Castillo and Michael Levine That guy Rodriguez the Cuban working for CIA killed Che Guevara and like camarena. (. Mr. Andres Manuel Lpez Obrador. 10:54 right, real Michoacanos and jaliscienses despise CJNG. Un juez federal vincul a proceso a Carlos " R", presunto sobrino de Jos Gil Caro Quintero, lder del Crtel de Caborca, por su probable responsabilidad en la comisin de los delitos . PROFILE: La Cara de Cochi leads the armed wing of the Caborca Cartel, which is known as La Barredora 24/7. PROFILE: He is a close associate of Chapo Alfredo and considered to be his right hand man. Really has me laughing still. DESCRIPTION:This region contains the highly sought after port of Nogales, a key entry point on the US-Mexico border. According to the news outlet Milenio, the Caborca Cartel took shape in 2017 after Quintero allegedly called a . @narcoblogger. Narcos: Mexico season 1 ends with the DEA arresting Rafa Caro Quintero and then finding Kiki's body. Actividades Actividades. In Caborca, Sonora, in the dominions of the capo Rafael Caro Quintero, a couple of narco tarps were placed with messages to AMLO, who is on a three-day tour of the entity. I dont give two shits about him. Los Chapitos announce 'cleansing' of municipal and military in Caborca, Sonora. (, On March 4 2021, El Pablito was arrested in Atizapn de Zaragoza, State of Mexico. La grabacin, de un minuto y 17 segundos de duracin, mostr a dos elementos del cuerpo de seguridad . He operates primarily in the Las Golondrinas neighborhood. Criminal groups are known to tax mining companies, extort workers, and illegally extract minerals from these lands. (. Estoy con los nervios de punta, yo si viv lo que ustedes no vivieron, la balacera, patearon las puertas, le quebraron el carro a mi prima, nos rempujaron, todos los vidrios de todos los departamentos quebraron, expresa una mujer con voz llorosa y temblorosa, y graba a un hombre tirado en el suelo, al parecer privado de la vida. Of note, the surviving victims of this arson also accuse El Oliver of belonging to the Cartel Jalisco New Generation. Miguel Caro Quintero was born in Caborca, Sonora, Mexico, in 1963.Previously arrested in 1992 on charges of tax evasion, he was found not guilty, which the DEA attributes to the use of threats and bribes by Caro Quintero.While imprisoned, it is believed Caro Quintero was still running the Sonora Cartel, where he is purging a prison sentence for racketeering, drug smuggling and money laundering. Abraham Mier relat que los supuestos sicarios de la delincuencia organizada irrumpieron en varios domicilios, realizaron disparos contra fachadas de viviendas y se llevaron a un grupo indeterminado de pobladores. The Caborca Cartel, also known as the Sonora Cartel, is a criminal group based in the northern state of Sonora and reportedly led by infamous drug kingpin Rafael Caro Quintero. @3:45 a comment was made when he turned himself in that he had a dispute with Isidro and in hi last interview RCQ said he was making up lies about him to save himself. El Picipi, the leader of La Plaza, reports to him and his brother Tony Navidad. (Source, Source), Notable Figures: La Linea Part I: Chihuahua, Notable Figures: La Linea Part II: Sonora & Background, Notable Figures: Gente Nueva in Chihuahua, Imagine making millions helping to run a cartel and you get locked up for a murder you committed over an XBOX.how STUPID. Marco Antonio Rosales Contreras, 32, was leaving his wedding ceremony at Neustra Seora de La Candelaria church in Caborca around 5 p.m. local time on Saturday when he was struck by multiple . Some allege that following the 2018 attempts on Chapo Alfredo's life, Alfredo suspected El Telcel had sold him out so he had him executed. When Chapo Trini was executed in July 2017, his brother Alfredo Olivas Valenzuela, alias Chapo Alfredo, is believed to have taken over leading the Los Olivas Organization. Fawking scary how lawless Sonora has become. He and his brother El Mankio were executed by a lone gunman in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora on January 11, 2020 (. All that area around Caborca and Altar has been narco-infested for many years, just now it's in the media more. Always the idiots who want to be "the guy" so bad they don't see the rope they tie around their own neck for someone else. An Odessa man was arrested and more than 300 grams of cocaine were seized Tuesday following an undercover operation by the Odessa Police Department. ELMO ! He's El Flaquitos secretary bro that's it. The organization is reportedly headed by Juan Pablo and Antonio Tony Quintero Navidad, relatives of Rafael Caro Quintero. Lucky he did not kill poppy, they trusted each other with reason, they both were/used CIA for their dirty purposes since Bay of Pigs, Then menso and his band of tweekers cjng are the kings of snitching. y donde EST el Narco Gobernador @AlfonsoDurazo pues donde ms,cobrando plaza.!! (, PROFILE: He is the cousin of Juan Pablo Navidad and Rafael Caro Quintero. Rodrigo Paez Quintero. Un par de elementos de la Guardia Nacional fueron captados consumiendo presunta cocana. Regular towns folk are not going to spend the money it costs to print these pretty large mantas nor are they going to spend to have 3 of them made. ZETA alleges Federal Police detected that he was able to direct an organized crime group from inside prison but they were unable to prove it. Ir a la seccin principal de la pgina. Rafael Caro Quintero (La Noria, Badiraguato, Sinaloa; 24 de octubre de 1952) es un narcotraficante mexicano, fundador del crtel de Guadalajara junto con Miguel ngel Flix Gallardo y Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo.Es considerado uno de los narcotraficantes ms famosos de Mxico, motivo por el que fue apodado como El Narco de Narcos durante la dcada de 1980. El 20 has been accused of being involved in the July 2020 execution of a Santa Ana state police commander named Daniel Hernndez. He reports to Juan Pablo Quintero Navidad. Based on what you guys are saying about Rodriguez, his storyline could be really entertaining if told on Netflix. RCQ and his guys are known for kidnapping underage girls for sex parties and then dissolving them in acid after they have served their purpose. DESCRIPTION: The state of Sonora is a strategic location for drug trafficking given its proximity to the US state of Arizona. Over the years, the organization absorbed local crime cells and operates more like an ecosystem of different factions with respective plaza bosses. In July 2020, a four-day shootout broke out in Ures near El Negros home. He is suspected of being behind the murder of police officer Carlos Omar Aguilar Alard in Laguna de Nairani. (, El Pelo Chino is the son of Eulogia Quintero Payan. (Source). He reports to Sinaloa Cartels Ismael Zambada Garca, alias El Mayo. Ciudad de Mxico.-Un nuevo golpe fue colocado en la cpula del denominado Crtel de Caborca este mircoles 1 de marzo, luego de que Carlos "N", reconocido como el sobrino de Rafael Caro . Mxico: el narco se disputa Caborca, en la frontera con EEUU. (Source, Source), PROFILE: He reports to Juan Pablo Quintero and Tony Navidad, the leaders of the Guaymas, Empalme area for the Caborca cartel. En los ltimos meses se han registrado varios eventos violentos relacionados con el crimen organizado , incluyendo el asesinato de 12 civiles en la regin de Caborca el pasado 20 de junio. You obviously dont know. Rafael Caro Quintero -- who once ran the Guadalajara Cartel and started the Caborca Cartel -- was recaptured recently after being ordered to complete his sentence for the murder of DEA agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena. He leads a group known as xS, an armed wing of La Plaza, alongside El Chapo Peln. Speedy is a nobody next to Ramon. Chapo Alfredo also has strong Beltrn Leyva (BLO) associations, as his brother Trinidad Olivas Valenzuela alias Chapo Trini was allegedly a BLO plaza boss. Theyre the ones who want to snatch these towns from their enemies. This region contains the highly sought after port of Nogales, a key entry point on the US-Mexico border. En Caborca, Sonora, fueron colocadas un par de narcomantas con mensajes al presidente Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, quien realiza una gira de tres das por la entidad. La propiedad donde estaba este centro de espionaje es propiedad de Martin Quintero Payan, quin segn la DEA es lder de la organizacin criminal El Crtel de . Note: As of 2020 the DEA considered the cartels of . (, ) Early in his life, he operated in Jalisco and Morelos, mainly as a lieutenant to some major capo. Videos of the cartel convoy quickly went viral after the attack in Caborca, Sonora. Chapo Alfredo also has strong Beltrn Leyva (BLO) associations, as his brother Trinidad Olivas Valenzuela alias Chapo Trini was allegedly a BLO plaza boss. Maybe Tijuana some day? He was apprehended by the US government on October 11, 2017 at the San Ysidro International Gate, California. I will definitely do Tijuana someday and see if anyone else is willing to tackle writing it with me. Ante este hecho, la Guardia Nacional confirm que el incidente se suscit en Sonora, por lo que la Unidad de Asuntos Internos ha iniciado una investigacin. However, there's much more to explore about Rafa's story. For being a son of "El Barn de Babunica" his actions haven't demonstrated any similarities to his Father 7:42 there was also a corrido about chapo Isidro that says si unos se han ido es porque no han querido entender pretty sure hes talking about cadete there, He had a fallen out with his uncle el pelo Chino. At the time of its discovery, it reportedly contained the charred remains of 27 people at the time. They have strong El Mayo associations within the Sinaloa Cartel and they are closely aligned with the Caborca Cartel. El Milko was reportedly in the city for the purpose of high-level coordination of drug distribution from Acapulco to warehouses within Mexico City and to the port, where they would be smuggled out by sea. You're the same nutthugger who was really sad that Speedy Mares wasn't posted on the "High Ranking Cartel Members in Baja California" a couple months back right?? Snap. ZETA alleges Federal Police detected that he was able to direct an organized crime group from inside prison but they were unable to prove it. Quintero has been in hiding since his 2013 release from a Mexico prison, but narco-banners, media reports and statements by authorities claim he has emerged as the head of a new group, the Caborca Cartel, to regain control of Sonora. Socios de Expedia pueden ahorrar hasta el 30% al agregar un hotel a su vuelo. Where is Rafael Caro Quintero? Rafael Caro Quintero, conocido como El narco de narcos, fue uno de los criminales ms icnicos de los aos 80 y uno de los jefes del crtel de Guadalajara en esa poca junto a Miguel ngel Flix Gallardo y Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, alias Don Neto. A travs de redes sociales se exhibi el momento en que elementos de la Guardia Nacional estaban presuntamente inhalando cocana durante su servicio. (, Some sources such as Riodoce have alleged that in December 2020, Rafael Caro Quintero made various trips to create peace between El R and Los Salazars leader Jos Crispn Salazar Zamorano (, ) Regardless of the validity of these reports, the violence between Los Salazar and the lieutenants reporting to El R continued in 2021. Jajaja! Come on bro you're honestly either a huge speedy fanboy, his best friend or just delusional. The banner wants to make it seem like it was written by law abiding citizens who want to keep the peace, and avoid the Quinteros from advancing in their rivals turf.

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